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General information on camps and classes

Registration is now available for HCAC's Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camps! Offerings are listed below by session and are added to your "Art Bin" in the top right of the page as you select camps.

Choose from 8 one-week-long, full-or half-day sessions for students entering grades K–7. Before-care (8–9am) and after-care (3:30–6pm) are also available (these options are added during check-out). AM Sessions run from 9am–12pm; PM sessions run from 12:30–3:30pm. For students enrolled in a full day of camp, there is a supervised lunch period from 12–12:30pm.

Online registration for each session is disabled at 10AM on the Friday before the session begins (or Thursday for Session 3). If you would like to register after this time, you can call 410-313-2787 to register over the phone, or arrive early on Monday before camp begins (subject to space availability in the camp). All registrations after 10AM the Friday before each session (or Thursday for Session 3) are subject to a $20 late registration fee. 

Emergency Form, Health History, and Waiver/Release

Medication Administration Authorization Form
(Required only if child will be sent to camp with medication such as an Epi-Pen, inhaler, etc. Must also have a Medication Action Plan given by prescribing doctor.)

Please select which session you would like to browse through.

Session 1: June 23-27»
  • Dancin' Days, grades K-3
  • Junk to Art, grades 2-4
  • Fun with Sculpture, grades 5-7
  • Adventures in Painting, grades K-1
  • Mask Mania, grades 2-4
  • Beads, Beads & More Beads, grades 5-7
Session 2: June 30 - July 3»
  • Monster Madness, grades K-3
  • Lost, Found, Recycled, grades 4-7
  • Fun with Sculpture grades K-3
  • Creative Collage, grades 4-7
Session 3: July 7-11»
  • Under the Sea, grades K-1
  • Dancin' Days, grades K-3
  • Meet the Sculptors, grades 2-4
  • Stuck on Shakespeare, grades 4-7
  • Exploring Art Through Books, grades K-1
  • Stuck on Shakespeare, grades K-3
  • Learn to Paint, grades 2-4
  • Pop Art, grades 5-7
  • Pop-ups & Fold-ups, grades 5-7
Session 4: July 14-18»
  • Art from Nature, grades K-1
  • Hip Hop Stars, grades K-3
  • BIG Art, grades 2-4
  • 3-D Fun, grades K-1
  • Art FUNdamentals, grades 2-4
  • Stuck on Shakespeare, grades 4-7
  • Print Print Print, grades 5-7
  • Soft Sculpture, grades 5-7
Session 5: July 21-25»
  • Birds of a Feather, grades K-1
  • Bringing Books to Life, grades K-3
  • Artists in Time, grades 2-4
  • Pop-ups & Fold-ups, grades 5-7
  • Learn to Paint, grades K-1
  • Puppetry, grades 2-4
  • Musical Mania, grades 4-7
  • Amazing Art Race, grades 5-7
Session 6: July 28-August 1»
  • 3-D Fun, grades K-1
  • Dance Dance Dance, grades K-3
  • Dinomite, grades 2-4
  • Artists in Time, grades 5-7
  • Birds of a Feather, grades K-1
  • Art from Nature, grades 2-4
  • Improv!, grades 4-7
  • World Wide Weaving, grades 5-7
Session 7: August 4-8»
  • Monster Madness, grades K-1
  • Hip Hop Stars, grades K-3
  • Soft Sculpture, grades 2-4
  • Pop Art, grades 5-7
  • World Art, grades K-1
  • Print Print Print, grades 2-4
  • Lights of Broadway, grades 4-7
  • Creative Collage, grades 5-7
Session 8: August 11-15»
  • Exploring Art Through Books, grades K-3
  • Lost, Found, Recycled, grades 4-7
  • Adventures in Painting, grades K-3
  • Global Road Trip, grades 4-7
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