The Drawing Zoo: Intro to Scientific Illustration (Ages 14-Adult)

Dates: January 24-March 24, 2017 (8 weeks)
Start Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM
Price: $125.00 (member: $110.00)
Days: Tuesdays
Location: Room 9
Instructor: Brittany Roger

Add “Scientific Illustration” to your portfolio. In this course, we will study all different aspects of nature, covering both living and non living specimens- from skulls and mounted beetles to plants and minerals to real LIVE lizards and bunnies.  At the end of eight weeks, you will leave with work ranging from ink, to pencil to watercolor, and a better knowledge of how to apply art to natural science.

Supplies needed:

  • Graphite pencil
  • Colored pencil
  • Pen
  • Charcoal
  • Watercolor, paper, brushes

Drawing & Composition (ages 14-adult)

Start Date: April 19 – June 7, 2017 (8 weeks)
Start Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Price: $125.00 (member: $110.00)
Days: Wednesdays
Location: Room 9
Instructor: Art Landerman

A good foundation in drawing is important for success in any medium. Learn drawing techniques and concepts to create your own works on paper. We’ll use pencil, charcoal, and oil pastels to explore drawing techniques. Returning students will build on their previous experience with opportunities for greater experimentation and expression.

  • Pencil set
  • Spiral-bound drawing pad (11″x17″ or larger)

Registration for this class is now closed. To inquire about late registration, please call (410)313-2787.


Miniatures: The Art of Working Small (ages 14-adult)

Dates: April 20-June 8, 2017 (8 weeks)
Start Time: 7PM-9PM
Price: $125.00 (member: $110.00)
Days: Thursdays
Instructor: Patricia Buck

This class on miniatures (small paintings) will cover composition, color, light and shadow, paint/mediums, brushes, and painting technique. If you are new to painting, miniatures are a great way to learn because they take less time to complete, require less clean-up, and use limited work space. Your paintings can be done at a small table, for example, and tools and paints stored in a shoe box. Artists with experience can focus on mastering the scale and developing a unique body of work while they refine skills and techniques. Everyone will learn methods to move forward creatively as they document and collect ideas for their work

Registration for this class is now closed. To inquire about late registration, please call (410)313-2787.

Supplies needed:

Supply List for Miniatures: The Art of Working Small